Jim Caviezel
Il Volto Santo di Gesù
September 2, 2022

When we were filming the Last Supper scene I had an inside pocket made in my clothes where I kept some relics of saints and a relic of the Cross of Christ.

I had a strong desire that Jesus was really present and so I asked the priest to expose the Holy Sacrament.

At first he didn’t want to, but I insisted on asking because I was convinced that people would recognize Christ more if I looked at Him myself.

The priest was standing with the Holy Sacrament in his hands next to the cameraman and with him he approached me. When people watch the movie and see a twinkle in my eyes, they don’t realize that they actually see Jesus, reflection of the Consecrated Ostia, in my eyes.

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The same was in the scene of the Crucifixion: there was the priest, he was holding the Holy Sacrament in his hands and I was praying all the time.

The Passion of the Christ is America’s highest-grossing film of all time with $370.8 million! Worldwide, it has collected 611 million dollars. More importantly, it reached many souls around the world. Mel Gibson paid $30 million out of his own pocket for the production because no studio would pick up the project. “Mel Gibson warned Jim that the character would be very difficult and that if he agreed, he could be marginalized in Hollywood.” Caviezel asked for a day to think about it and his answer was: “I think we have to do this, even if it’s hard. “And one more thing, my initials are J.C. and I’m 33 years old. “I didn’t realize it until now. “

Mel honestly answered: “You’re scaring me.”

While filming, Jim Caviezel (playing Jesus) lost 9 pounds, was struck by lightning, accidentally whipped twice, leaving a 14-inch scar, dislocated his shoulder and suffered pneumonia and hypothermia being at weighed almost naked to a cross for several hours outside .

His body was so stressed and exhausted from playing the role that he had to undergo 2 open heart surgeries after production. The crucifixion scene alone took 5 weeks out of 2 months of filming.

“I don’t want people to see me. I just want them to see Jesus Through this conversions will take place”. Almost like a commercial, many strange things happened, Pedro Sarubbi, who played Barabba, when he played this role he felt that it wasn’t Caviezel watching him, but Jesus Christ himself. “His eyes had no hate or resentment for me, only mercy and love.

“Luca Lionello, the artist who played Judas, was an outright atheist before filming started. When he was finished, he converted, confessed and baptized his children. Even one of the technical heads who was a Muslim converted to Christianity.

Some producers claimed to have seen people dressed in white giving advice, who no longer appeared at the end of the recordings.

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