An important federal lawsuit was recently filed by a brilliant law student in Massachusetts, against the covid FRAUD, including the fraudulent “death by covid” determinations on many death certificates, which is then used to perpetrate the so-called never-ending “emergency” used by institutions to justify the coerced and often injurious and/or lethal injections.

A summary of the plaintiff’s lawsuit appears below.

Beaudoin v Baker et al was docketed August 23, 2022 in the late afternoon at the United States District Court, District of Massachusetts.

Docket No. 1:22-cv-11356-NMG complaint and major exhibits can be found on a website here.


This Complaint is a request for injunctive relief where the source of fraudulent misrepresentation, purposely conducted, continues to harm both Plaintiff and the public. As a matter of equity, third party liability should be considered. In fairness and equity, the harm must cease forthwith; and the Court has the discretion to do so pre, pending, and post-investigation of the fraud claims herein.

Relying on false information obtained through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), sourced, in part, from Massachusetts Department of Public Health (“MA DPH”), Massachusetts School of Law (“MSLaw’) instituted a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for all students and staff. Plaintiff, a rising second-year law student, refused the vaccination because he has four pre-existing health issues consistent with thousands of COVID-19 vaccine injuries reported to VAERS even as of April 2021. Moreover, the Plaintiff’s sincerely held religious beliefs prompted him to apply for a religious exemption offered by MSLaw. MSLaw never apprised the Plaintiff of the status of his application for a religious exemption. Rather, the only “status” that the School acted on was the Plaintiff’s student status, which the School unilaterally, capriciously, and arbitrarily changed to “unenrolled.”

Although Plaintiff is pursuing a remedy at law against MSLaw for pecuniary damages, there is no remedy at law that can undo MSLaw’s injurious acts against Plaintiff especially in consideration of its reliance on CDC and FDA misinformation; nor is there a remedy at law, sans the relief sought in this Complaint, that will prevent another law school from exacting the same or similar vaccination requirements on Plaintiff. Most, if not all, law schools require COVID-19 vaccination and do so based on the fraudulent misinformation issued by the CDC and FDA and sourced, in part, from MA DPH. Plaintiff is injured in being deprived of a legal education offered to all those who assume the risk of COVID-19 vaccination. This coercion, again, is based on fraudulent misinformation originated at MA DPH and disseminated by the CDC and FDA to law schools et al.

The fraudulent misinformation manifests from numerous Death Certificate records that wrongly list “COVID-19” as a cause of death when, more accurately, the deceased tested positive for strands of proteins which may have been SARS-COV-2 virus at one time. Specifically, numerous deaths caused by fentanyl overdose, heart attacks, cancer, and many others causes are labeled a “COVID-19” death when, in fact, COVID-19 had no causal relationship to the death. All these fraudulent misrepresentations aggregate to support a false narrative that has injured Plaintiff and continues to injure society by depriving generations of people of accurate information to make an informed consent and convincing institutions to coerce people under color of law to take an experimental biological product not fully tested in humans, and one that can possibly kill them and has killed many.

One example of the public interest and immediate irreparable harm being perpetrated upon The People is a 7-year-old girl named Cassidy Baracka from Groton, Massachusetts. Although she reacted within five (5) minutes of the vaccination and died within a few days after the second dose, enduring agonizing pain in those days, there was no mention of the COVID-19 vaccine on her Death Certificate. Instead, the medical examiner listed “COVID-19” as a cause of her death. This fraudulent misinformation by both omission and commission caused other parents to vaccinate their children, and only a few weeks after Cassidy died, Preston Settles, a 15-year-old boy, collapsed on a basketball court. His body was revived without brain activity and was kept alive by machine for a few weeks until Preston was removed from life support and died. The immediate nature of this TRO request is apparent and is predicated on the most important issue that any TRO could possibly be predicated upon; that is, the lives of children and people of all ages who are dying en masse in a death lottery in which the winners lose their lives. The evidence herein and information sought from Defendants are facts that Plaintiff, this Honorable Court, citizens of Massachusetts, citizens of U.S.A., and peoples of the world are entitled to hear in order to make informed consent to such a dangerous medical procedure as these injections.

Plaintiff contends that the only remedy for the personal injury he suffered and is suffering is the correction of the falsified information from the source, which is the Defendants. This remedy of “corrected” Death Certificates also serves the public interest and satisfies balance of equities because it will save a net number of lives, including many children.

Plaintiff, for his Complaint for TRO and other such relief against Charles D. Baker et al, known hereinafter as “Defendants”, alleges as follows:


Plaintiff is John Paul Beaudoin, Sr., aka “Coquin de Chien,” aka “CdC.”

Defendants are:

Charles D. Baker, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Margaret R. Cooke, Commissioner of the Department of Public Health for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Mindy Hull, Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Janice y. Grivetti, Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Michele N. Matthews, Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Robert M. Welton, Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Julie Hull, Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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