Rodney Pelletier
Church Militant

May 25, 2021

One of the most destructive weapons cultural Marxists deployed against the Catholic West is the proliferation and normalization of pornography.

Before the advent of the internet, porn was dispersed in shady movie theaters and bookshops.

There were, however, efforts to normalize it going back to 1953 when Hugh Hefner first published Playboy. The addition of news stories and nonfiction stories by established writers was a way to make pornography accepted by a generation of men who fought and suffered in WWII.

From 2013: Michael Kulich, the (now deceased) Jewish founder and chairman of the porn company Monarchy Distribution revealed that the porn industry was “pretty much founded by the Jews” and that the business side is still controlled by them. “Back in the seventies,” Kulich notes, “the majority of the male porn performers were Jewish. And the majority of the female performers were Roman Catholic.” Strong language.

Soon after, Hollywood started to make sexuality more overt. What had previously been couched with innuendo gave place to open nudity and sexuality by the late 1960s.

Dirty movie theaters and book stores popped up across the United States, often in the seedy parts of town known for drugs and degeneracy. But the perversion of porn, while still making its way out to America’s children, was still just a trickle.

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