July 27, 2022

Robert Barnes joins host Owen Shroyer to break down the legal significance of the current case waged by Sandy Hook massacre event families against radio host Alex Jones.

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One thought on “Trial Lawyer Robert Barnes Discusses Alex Jones Legal Case and Free Speech”
  1. Everyone failed to realize that all of these psychological operations or false flags had nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment but the elimination of the 1st Amendment.
    Who care how much guns and ammunition you have when you have no freedom of speech to speak out against the atrocities of the government that enslaves you…. As a deceased Rear Admiral JAG officer once told me year ago.
    And I’ll add to his statement by saying ours guns and ammo is only good for protecting us against those that want our resources-food ,water or transferable wealth.
    Prof. Jim Fetzer is the real victim. With his blog site being taken down and replaced with this.

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