Belle Carter
Natural News

July 19, 2022

During the July 17 emergency transmission of “InfoWars,” Alex Jones exposed that amendment to HR 4350, or the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), will let President Joe Biden become a dictator who can launch land, sea and air operations against the American people.

Jones laid out the “hands-down most powerful and horrible information” his team has ever covered in 28 years. “And if they are able to execute it, it is 1,000 times worse than anything we’ve ever covered. It is HR 4350, in which Biden [or] whoever else the president is will be the dictator,” he said.

He noted that the Democrat leadership has the votes in the House and Senate. And when turned into law, HR 4350 will allow the president to use the military for domestic operations, which Jones described as unbelievably illegal.

“It says the president will have the sole power over the military domestically and Congress will have no oversight. It also says in section 529A, this is absolutely the key, countering extremism in the armed forces – a purge of the military – of anybody that supports populism or America,” Jones commented while reading the bill’s amendment printout.

“The big takeaway is that there will be no congressional oversight of what the military does. Anything that violates our rights or basic freedoms or the 10th Amendment is null and void.”

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