Alex Newman
The New American

June 21, 2022

The federal government is launching a war on so-called disinformation that is cover for silencing critics while promoting government-approved disinformation, warned former federal officer Celeste Solum in this interview with The New American magazine Alex Newman for Conversations That Matter. According to Solum, who worked in disinformation and attended government trainings, all non-government narratives are in the crosshairs for total silencing. Former Homeland Security boss Michael Chertoff is overseeing the latest effort, she added. Patriots and those who love freedom must continue to speak out.

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2 thought on “‘Disinformation’ Police to Silence ALL Non-Government Narratives, Warns Former Fed”
  1. What’s amazing is this has been going on for years at much lower levels in all arenas. How did they get people to comply? Ten years ago when I lived in a neighborhood outside of Seattle we had a person who ran a very active neighborhood blog. Often times her articles would touch on hot-button social issues, and whenever my husband or I tried to contribute a comment that ran counter to the narrative and the perversely liberal thinking that pervaded the area, she wouldn’t allow the comment. That kind of censorship leads people to believe that everyone thinks one way – the hive mind – when in reality it’s not true at all.

    1. Not unlike what Twitter has been revealed to be.

      During our firing in late 2015 the news media generating the controversy, including the Sun Sentinel and Jewish Forward, deleted reader comments supportive of us from respective pieces they ran, while leaving untouched disparaging remarks.

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