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Jim Crenshaw Bitchute

April 13, 2022

They are at it again… our criminal government staging shootings for their gun control. We have not had a mass shooting in months. I can’t believe they waited this long to trot out this fake crap. In celebration of Easter? More bread and circuses for the masses. Source: MaxResistance.

American partisan reports:

Well, well, well… NYC, my old stomping grounds. Site of the latest false flag mass shooting. TA-DA!!!!! Juuuuust in time to support proposed legislation which would basically forbid concealed carrying just about anywhere in the state:

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One thought on “New York Subway Shooting a Hoax? (Video)”
  1. Lol ! You just can’t make this stuff up. Oh wait ! You can it’s scripted. 33 rounds fired and only ten people shot on a rush hour train and supposedly all lower extremity GSW ? And let’s throw in the smoke bombs, an axe and the perpetrator whom left his bag and keys to a rental U-Haul vehicle. Happy Friday Y’all.

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