Ukraine’s Diia digital app already was one of the most expansive government-run digital ID systems in the world, but since the Feb. 24 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the app has been expanded for use as a digital wartime tool.

Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.
Children’s Health Defense

March 22, 2022

The Ukrainian government in 2020 launched Diia, a digital app that combines identity card, passport, license, vaccination record, registrations, insurance, health reimbursements and social benefits.

That was before Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine. Now, it appears the Ukraine government is expanding Diia, illustrating how digital apps can be employed during wartime.

What is the Diia app?

In Ukranian, the word “Diia” means “action,” but it’s also an acronym in that language, standing for “The State and Me.”

Ukraine’s deputy prime minister and minister of digital transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, first announced the app on Sept. 27, 2019, under the auspices of the “State in a Smartphone” project.

Officially launched Feb. 6, 2020, Diia is intended to combine all public services into one app, which operates as a “digital state.”

Digital passports and other official documents are now considered legally equivalent to their paper versions, making Ukraine the first country to accomplish this.

Diia provides more than 50 government services, with the eventual goal of making all interactionswith the state available through the app.

Currently used by 14 million Ukrainians, according to Wired, Diia is considered a “national brand” in Ukraine.

Some of the documents available via the app include citizens’ national identification card, a biometric passport, drivers’ licenses (with Ukraine being the fourth European country to introduce them in digital form), vehicle registration certificates and insurance policies, tax documents, birth certificates and COVID vaccine certificates.

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