Bannon’s War Room/Daily Clout
March 11, 2022

Dr. Naomi Wolf shares the profound response of volunteers to the new “Pfizer Documents Analysis – WarRoom” campaign on DailyClout, and how people can get involved. 

Mr. Bannon: We had a call to action to the posse the other day, about this new website you said to go to, to go through these 55,000 documents. I want you to tell the world, the WarRoom posse – the scale of the volunteer effort there, Ma’am.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Yeah, it’s unbelievable. It’s a whirlwind. We put out the call at your suggestion on Saturday. Our development team worked all weekend. And launched campaigns for going through the Pfizer documents on

And it’s now Tuesday. Over 700 people from your community have signed up to read the documents as volunteers. Including 50 plus attorneys. And not only that, we have retired physicians, we have journalists, we have a health fraud investigator. They’re already going through and finding things that are pretty stunning. Now, we’re organizing the effort even more. 

I also want to just credit our incredible development team because they’re creating a private channel. This is so the lawyers can deliberate on the evidence without alerting the other side. 

It’s a stunning combination of citizen engagement, leadership from a grassroots level, and technology at the service of citizens.

Mr. Bannon: I got to tell you, the people on this show – it’s insane, how great you are. I can’t say enough. You guys are changing the arc of history. And they still want to get involved. 

Dr. Wolf, how do they sign up? Where do they go? 

Click here to go to the “Pfizer Documents Analysis – WarRoom” Campaign 

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Sign up there and you’ll get a form to fill out. You can just upload your findings right there. 

If you’re an attorney, identify yourself. Go to the “Pfizer Document Analysis -Attorney’s Channel

If you have other special skills in addition to the wonderful volunteers that we welcome, please identify them in your email.  

Our developer just added Twitter, Facebook, emails, and phone numbers to BillCam. So now, you don’t just see the bills and share them through social media. If there’s legislation that you care about, you can tweet the bill sponsor, tweet your rep, Facebook your rep, get a meeting with your rep. So I hope you’ll think about that, Mr. Bannon, when you’re organizing your campaign, because it’s a natural campaign tool.

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