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March 5, 2022

In his interview just two weeks ago, legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong said, The New World Order’s so-called ‘Great Reset’ plan for humanity is ‘falling apart,’ and pointed out, “They are basically desperate at this stage.  I don’t think they anticipated the amount of resistance they are getting.”

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is enormous resistance to the New World Order plans.  Armstrong, who has new data from his Socrates computer analysis, is out with a fresh critical update.  Armstrong explains, “It’s just total insanity.  They are, really at this stage, completely collapsing the world economy.  You have Apple and all these companies; there are over 300 American companies in Russia.  Their assets are going to be seized.  They are all now in a panic mode to get out, and you are going to see the same situation with China.  This is insane.  It really is insane, and you just don’t do this.  I can’t believe these governments have listened to this sort of advice.  It’s really, really disastrous.  What creates world peace is not nuclear weapons.  It’s economic, basically.  As long as everybody benefits, then you are not going to bite the hand that feeds you.  When you start cutting off trade on both sides, you are wiping out the global economy.  That is what has provided world peace since WWII. . . . By 2023, I don’t see this backing off.  Once you have undermined the global financial economy, you have removed the benefits and then it does turn to war.”

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