February 19, 2022

In late 2021, when tensions around Ukraine escalated with the West accusing Russia of plotting an “invasion” of its neighbor, Moscow presented its security proposals to de-escalate the situation in Eastern Europe. Russia has demanded that NATO stop its eastward expansion but the bloc answered that it won’t sacrifice its “open-door policy.” 

Michael Springmann, a former American diplomat and political analyst, believes what the US is really afraid of is “a multipolar world it cannot control” and this is why it has been desperately trying to deter Russia and prevent its deeper cooperation with China. In this regard, Washington’s interference in Ukraine’s crisis means that the US needs a pretext for starting another military conflict in order to spread its influence further.

Sputnik: The DPR revealed that it has obtained Kiev’s offensive plan, which allegedly seeks to clear Donbass of its Russian-speaking population. Why have the US and its allies, who claim to be pro-human rights, been denying the people of eastern Ukraine their rights for years?

Michael Springmann: Because of arrogance and contempt for anybody else in the world or any other country in the world, the American government is deathly afraid of a resurgent Russian Federation. President Putin has strengthened Russia. He’s cleaning up the mess left behind by the collapse of the old Soviet Union, which was encouraged by capitalists in the West following the University of Chicago economic theories, which created real problems for Russia. And the Americans fear that Russia is becoming a strong state, able to challenge its idea of a unipolar world. What the United States is involved in is deathly and desperately attempting to prevent the Union of Russia and China, and so far as common interests, and they see that if they don’t do something quickly, there will be a multi-polar world which they can’t control. Additionally, I think that they don’t read history, they don’t listen to their own diplomats. The former American ambassador to the Soviet Union, Jack Matlock, told the United States Senate 25 years ago when it was planning to expand NATO’s eastward, that this would be the greatest blundering of the American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War.

I think that in summary, the United States fears a resurgent Russia. The United States is using its religious aspects to push this, and the United States wants a pretext for war, or at least if not a war, the limited military conflict, and is doing its best to encourage the Ukrainians by sending them weapons to drive the Donbass inhabitants out of there into Russia. I’ve seen articles saying that the Russians should be prepared for 700,000 refugees from Donetsk and Lugansk.

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