A nano-second to midnight?

Paul Craig Roberts
February 27, 2022

It looks like what began as a highly successful Russian military action is being turned into a clown act by the Kremlin civilians who are so anxious to show that Russia means well that they risk  turning the Ukraine intervention into a farce that might end in a wider European conflict.

The Ukraine doesn’t have much of a military, but it has a powerful word that stops the Russian military in its tracks:  negotiation. Zelensky uttered the word, and Putin stopped the invasion.  The Kremlin fell for the trick a second time and sent negotiators to Gomel where Zelensky was again a no-show.  It is a curious situation when it is the country that is winning the war which is so anxious for negotiations. Indeed, neither Lavrov nor Putin can shut up about how willing they are to negotiate.  A person might conclude that Russia is losing the war.  Putin even felt obliged to assure Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that Moscow remains open to talks with Kiev.  As Israel is supporting the Ukrainian Nazis, you would think it would be Israel giving the reassurance.


Normally, halting an invasion provides the enemy with time to recover from the shock and reform lines.  Surely Shoygu knows this. Even worse, by delaying the outcome, it allows the hysterical and completely stupid West to widen the war by getting involved. The US/NATO are beefing up their European deployments of troops and sending weapons to Ukraine. Stoltenberg is issuing threats he cannot back up. A collection of Finnish idiots are trying to get a vote on Finland joining NATO, an act of insanity that Putin has already said would not be permitted. Germany has changed its mind and now says Germany is sending weapons to Ukraine.  Will Germany, US, NATO also change their minds about sending troops?  Every hour’s delay in Russia finishing the task gives the Western morons more chance to blunder into war.

As Union war criminal William Tecumseh Sherman said, “war is hell.”  The Kremlin is trying to conduct war without the hell.  Consequently, the Nazi militias have ensconced themselves and their weapons systems amidst civilians.  As the Russian military is under orders not to fire into civilian areas, the conquest is stopped in its tracks.  

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