Brandon Smith

February 18, 2022

A common misconception about the establishment power brokers of our era is that they have “created” a vast system of corruption and government control and that this reflects an element of “genius” on their parts. In reality, they only inherited the existing system from the elitists that came before them, and those elites inherited the framework from their forebears. One can already see the next generation of globalists being groomed to carry the torch of centralization, and maybe they will push the agenda forward a step further, or maybe they will be the generation that blows up the whole thing and leaves it in shambles.

The construct of multi-generational conspiracy is nothing new. It has happened over and over again throughout history from monarchies to papacies to assassins, cartels and the mob. It has the advantage of superseding time, because it is not necessarily limited to the lifespan of a single set of conspirators. It can carry on forever if it is not identified and directly eliminated.

That said, one of the biggest problems of nepotism within any empire, whether openly dominant or ruling from the shadows, is that power is often passed on to those who show fealty rather than those who show promise. That is to say, nepotism neglects to take intelligence and ingenuity into account.

Something I have said for a very long time is that psychopathic and evil people do not have the capacity to create. They have no new ideas, no complex imagination and no intuitive intelligence. To make up for this inability to innovate they rely on theft of ideas from smarter and more creative thinkers, ideas they believe they can exploit. They also pursue the destruction of all ideas that might disrupt their efforts. Finally, they are highly repetitive and robotic in their decision making processes. They merely look back at plots that worked for them in the past and they copy and paste.

This makes them incredibly predictable. If you have studied the behaviors and habits of the average narcissistic sociopath (psychopaths) then you understand exactly how globalists tend to think and plan. These people are not complicated, they are quite simple.

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