February 14, 2022

Former House Intelligence Committee chief Russiagate investigator Kash Patel told Newsmax Monday that the most recent court filings by Special Counsel John Durham are uncovering the “biggest political scandal and criminal scandal in U.S. history.”

“When (former) President Donald Trump came into office, everyone, including (former FBI Director James) Comey, (former FBI Deputy Director Andrew) McCabe (FBI agent Peter) Strzok and the like, were trying to take him down,” Patel said during “Greg Kelley Reports” Monday. 

“We are now finding out, thankfully to John Durham’s utilization of grand juries and federal prosecution powers (what happened). That’s why it’s taken so long, because we finally have a prosecutor’s willing to take it to the mats and to uncover the fact that this story is the biggest political scandal and criminal scandal in U.S. history.”

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