“We Have A Right To Resist And We Have An Obligation & Duty To Do So!”

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February 13, 2022

Civil Rights Attorney Tricia S. Lindsay Puts NY State Govt. On Blast!: “We Have A Right To Resist And We Have An Obligation & Duty To Do So!”

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One thought on “Civil Rights Attorney Tricia S. Lindsay Puts NY State Govt. On Blast! (Video)”
  1. Dear Ms. Lindsay,
    Thank you for your refreshing comments related to the rights of the people. Many years ago, while trying to get the government to listen to my National Economic Recovery Plan B, that
    would save America from certain financial collapse, I became frustrated with the lack of concern by my government officials. Being a high level problem solver I found a way to circumvent this failed government to enact my Economic plan. I simply read our founding documents and it was quite clear that all I had to do was follow the instructions provided by the Declaration of Independence. Whereby the people have the right and the duty to alter or abolish this government should it become too destructive to the people.

    As such I, on behalf of the people, as our right and our duty, created the Reclamation of Proper Governance. The Reclamation is the only legitimate alteration of the government. It is so simple, yet effective. The Reclamation makes only one alteration to the government. It creates a position of Supervisor General. The Supervisor General has authority over the entire government and all branches of government on behalf of the people.

    This means the government can do whatever it wants, but if the Supervisor General does not sign off on it, it does not happen. As such the Supervisor General could decide to shut the border and deport all in America illegally. The Supervisor General could stop all mandates. The Supervisor General could make America energy independent again. The Supervisor General basically protects the people from the government as originally intended.

    You may read this historic online for free at Smashwords. While the Reclamation has been around for a while, no one seems really interested in getting their country back. I see the Reclamation as the only way to do that. I am looking for a patriotic voice of reason to help publicize the Reclamation, so that tyranny will stop in its tracks and America will return to her greatness for all people, not just the politicians and the elites.

    Please support and publicize the Reclamation on behalf of the people!

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