“Americanism: Neither Nazism nor Communism”

Father Charles E. Coughlin
Father Coughlin Archive

January 1, 1939

Catholic priest Father Charles E. Coughlin is among the most slandered, misunderstood, and at once honest and prescient public figures of twentieth century America. His foremost “thought crime” was criticizing the behavior and activities of Jewish political leaders and groups.

The event that ultimately led to Coughlin’s removal from the airwaves in 1940 was calling attention to the slaughter of twenty-million Christian men, women and children in Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe between 1917 and the late 1930s–systematic and wide scale mass murder spearheaded by a communist Bolshevik movement, one that was in fact primarily commandeered by Russian and Polish Jews.

This historical observation could not be refuted by his enemies because of the fact that it was and remains demonstrably true. The only alternative was to plead with the Roosevelt administration and National Association of Broadcasters to have the overwhelmingly popular Coughlin “cancelled” from the airwaves.

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