Thomas Euteneuer
From Demonic Abortion: A Sobering Commentary on the Satanic Nature of the Modern Abortion Industry, 28-29.

Clearly the evil of abortion was not part of the original “women’s rights” movement, as the early feminists all considered abortion as exploitation of women by abusive and irresponsible men. How right they were! The pro-life group, Feminists for Life, exposes the words of so many of the feminist pioneers in their publication, The American Feminist: For example, “[Susan B. Anthony’s] 1875 speech ‘Social Purity,’ … specifically discussed abortion and postnatal infanticide–along with rape and prostitution–as male wrongs against women. Anthony argued that laws pertaining to these matters, made and enforced exclusively by men, further victimized women while absolving men of all responsibility.”1

Modern feminism is both ideologically and organizationally connected with the promotion of the culture of death, promiscuity and evil. A very cursory view of feminist websites will reaffirm this connection. The website of the radical feminist abortion organization NARAL Pro-Choice America, for example, gives undeniable proof of the “unholy trinity”2 in full color. NARAL features only four items on the “issues” section of its website: abortion, birth control, sex education and women of color. The explanation of these “issues” read like ideological manuals of the demonic mindset that produces these destructive realities, and of course youth, vulnerable females and minorities are always the targets of these hateful campaigns! The “unholy trinity” has gained full force against our families mostly due to modern radical feminist activism. Any given feminist group will advocate for the same issues in more or less the same terms, so it is not necessary to multiply references.

  1. Op. cit., Vol. 5, No. 1, Spring 1998, p. 19. Feminists for Life regularly features the quotes of the early feminists condemning abortion in no uncertain terms in their publication, The American Feminist. In order to conserve space here, I have just cited the quote of the most famous of all the feminist pioneers, Susan B. Anthony, and the website provides ample information for anyone who wishes to study this topic further, We must keep in mind, however, that many of the early feminists were against abortion but not against the twin evil of contraception, so it is difficult to hold them up as heroines to our movement. Their witness against abortion suffices to show the distance between the founders of the feminist movement and their evil progeny.
  2. Cf. Question 3 above.

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