November 10, 2021

What’s it mean if China provided the code that’s incorporated in to the mRNA genetic modifiers now being injected into hundreds of millions of human beings throughout the world?

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5 thought on “China Confirms: THERE IS NO VIRUS (Video Commentary)”
  1. Remember those two cruise ships in early 2020, that sat for days off the Pacific coast because nobody would let them dock after some passengers “got the virus”? They were both Princess Cruise Lines’ ships.
    At least at the time, Princess was the only cruise line with 5G on board. Quite a coincidence…

    1. Hello Marie,
      This story has been floating around since last year and I’m not buying this theory. This narrative was first being promoted in the UK via David Icke and Dr. Rashid Buttar and Alex Jones and a few other alphabet agencies mouth pieces. Dr. David Martin, Andrew Kaufman and Judy Mikovits has never proven this to be the case thru their research. 5G has alway been a military technology application. And the rate of purposely Covid-19 infections among active duty personnel were very low up until the Fall of last year. Until the US Navy Theodore Roosevelt psychological operation event went vial.
      And then that leads us to acknowledge that a virus done exist.
      This is the final report on the incident and let’s keep in mind that the Department of Defense never declared this a CBRN protocol event.

  2. Have a look at the “OUR UNDERWRITERS” in the right sidebar for the posted link and then ask yourself how credible and independent this source is.

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