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October 27, 2021

00:00 Ag Garland Defends Memo on School Boards
Attorney General Merrick Garland is defending his memo on threats against school boards. He pushes back against senators questioning him at a hearing on Wednesday saying the memo does not target parents.

03:09 Protest at National School Boards Association
A group of parents on Wednesday protested at the National School Boards Association Headquarters. They are responding to being called ‘domestic terrorists’ for speaking up at local school board meetings and disagreeing with what’s going on in schools such as critical race theory and controversial sex education.

07:14 2nd CA In-N-Out Closed for Covid Violations
Local health authorities in California shut down a 2nd In-N-Out Burger for not checking dine-in customers for their vaccination status.

09:17 NIH Wipes Detailed G.O.F. Research Page
The National Institutes of Health has made a change to its website. They wiped a detailed explanation of gain-of-function research known as GOF.
Why now? As lawmakers accuse the agency of lying to Congress about this research.

11:18 Biden: China’s Actions on Taiwan ‘Coercive’
President Biden is commenting on Beijing’s recent moves in the Taiwan Strait. He says the military actions there are “coercive” and undermine peace and stability in the region.

12:06 DHS Further Limits Immigration Arrests
The Department of Homeland Security is rolling back more Trump-Era immigration enforcement practices. On Wednesday, the department issued new guidelines that will further limit arrests.

12:56 Song Mocking China’s Online Troll Army Goes Viral
A Chinese song goes viral, It’s a satirical piece of music masked as a romantic song and it jabs at China’s online warriors and communist leader Xi Jinping.

18:26 Confucius Institutes Cancel Book Presentation
The presentation of a book on Xi Jinping at two German universities was canceled by Beijing-backed Confucius Institutes. As a result, one of the German universities is now considering ending its cooperation with the Confucius Institute.

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