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October 20, 2021

00:00 Washington State Coach Fired for Refusing Vax
The Washington State Cougars have suffered a big loss. Their coach and several others were pink-slipped for refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

02:51 Biden Nominee Fails to Turn in Thesis on Marx
President Joe Biden’s nominee for the nation’s top banking regulator is refusing to give the U.S. Senate her thesis on Karl Marx, according to Republican lawmakers who are concerned about her attitude toward Marxism. But the nominee claims she’s being discriminated against due to her ethnicity.

04:45 DHS Sec. Mayorkas Tests Positive for Covid-19
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas tested positive for COVID-19

05:06 Southwest Won’t Put Unvaxed on Unpaid Leave
Southwest says it won’t put unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave if they are waiting for a vaccine exemption.

05:40 Dems. Manchin, Tester Oppose Carbon Tax
President Biden’s energy reform agenda might need to be adjusted despite progressives pushing for an all-or-nothing deal on climate. Two Democratic senators say they oppose the carbon tax.

06:19 17 State Ags Urge DOJ Stop Targeting Parents
Seventeen state attorneys general are defending parent participation and dissent at school board meetings. They sent a letter to the Department of Justice after the DOJ directed the FBI to address an alleged spike in threats against school staff.

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2 thought on “Washington State Coach Fired for Refusing Vax”
  1. I live in WA state and have followed the headlines about this coach over the past 9 months. The MSM has been salivating to see him fired. They are so upset he didn’t jump on the vaccine bandwagon and I’m sue they were cheering this outcome. We have a bad situation in WA state for all state workers and city employees. Religious exemptions are given, but people are being told they can’t be accommodated, when they easily could. My husband did receive accommodations (he works 100% remote) but it could be yanked at any time, simply by requiring him to come into the office in person for a meeting, since City of Seattle employees are not allowed to set foot inside a City of Seattle building. We’ll have a new mayor in a couple of months and the candidates are tripping over themselves to talk about how much they believe in the vaccine and need mandate to vaccinate all city employees. Ugh, things are getting uglier by the day.

  2. Not to mention, beginning this coming Monday un-jabbed are not allowed in restaurants, entertainment venues, etc. I would love to hear thoughts on whether now is the time to get out of the state, or if all states will eventually turn this direction?

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