Biden Comptroller Nominee Wrote Marxist thesis at Moscow State

Zachary Halaschak
Washington Examiner

October 6, 2021

Sen. Pat Toomey, ranking Republican on the Banking Committee, requested President Joe Biden’s pick for comptroller of the currency, Saule Omarova, to hand over a copy of the thesis she wrote while attending Moscow State University titled: Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital

Omarova was born in Soviet-controlled Kazakhstan and attended college on the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship. She graduated in 1989 before the fall of the USSR and is now a law professor at Cornell University. Her nomination has caused some controversy given her academic musings , including advocacy for ending banking “as we know it.”

Toomey, who will lead the GOP charge against Omarova’s nomination, sent her a letter on Wednesday that seeks more information about her thesis. He asserted she deleted references to it on the current iteration of her curriculum vitae, although argued the paper was included in her CV as recently as 2017.

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2 thought on ““End Banking As We Know It””
  1. As a (now unemployed) professor myself, I have in the past run into academics from the Soviet Union who basically HAD to include bs references to Soviet policies in their books and articles, in order to be allowed to teach, do research, and publish anything at all. A personal “favorite” has always been medieval historians who would reference Orthodox Church affairs and dutifully throw in quotes from Marx, Lenin and Engels, e.g. “this shows that religion truly is ‘the opiate of the people,'” etc. Of course these profs didn’t really mean that, and you can just lift all those garbage comments out of their writings and get some really solid research.
    But what this loon appears to have done is very different. Some of her writings take positions which from the very start presume that commie positions are the legit ones, and then they buProild on the premise from there. If you take the bs lines out of the article, there’s probably nothing much left.
    I make this observation because it might happen that her defenders suggest that she too “HAD to include bs references to Soviet policies” in her writings. From what I can see, this must be false. She’s writing far too recently, and these are much more than just occasional garbage comments, tossed into the work in order to placate leftist administrators. We’re looking here at a real communist.

    1. As a former leftist academic myself who used to scoff at the notion that “communism” was a real concern, I can certainly attest to a significant degree of ideological coloration in a good amount of research in my area over the years, only since the 1980s it’s become significantly more strident.

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