Fr. Dave Nix
August 25, 2021

Yesterday, I put this on Facebook a post that included the sentence “if you took the Coronavirus-19 ‘vaccine’ you will probably be dead in two years.”   

There were hundreds of comments to my Facebook post.  Most were in favor of what I wrote.  Some were very angry that I said the jab would kill people. (One microbiologist with a picture of “two Popes” getting the jab as his very Facebook cover photo claimed below that that I ruined his birthday with my post!  I think his ecclesiology is as good as his microbiology if he thinks we can have “two Popes” who licitly promote as part of the Magisterium a deadly medicine made from cell-lines of aborted babies.)

In any case, I still insist the serum will kill you for two reasons:  Medicine and Motive.  If you are tired about reading about the medicine on the C19 “vaccine,” then please just skip to Part B:  The Motive because it has a 75-second video of Bill Gates explaining he will use vaccines to kill 1 billion people.

Part A:  The Medicine

  1. Antibody-Priming.  Animals that went through coronavirus vaccine trials all died at the next slight sickness due to antibody-priming as explained by Br. Bugnolo in this 20 minute video.  See also this Cambridge scientific abstract that says “antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)… occurs in SARS-CoV-1, MERS, HIV, Zika, and dengue virus infection.”  That means that vaccines developed too quickly for any of those diseases may cause variants.
  2. The more the jabbed, the sicker the people, already The Daily Beast is by no means a anti-vax publication, but in an article titled Ultra-Vaxxed Israel’s Crisis is a Dire Warning to America, they write:  “The country [Israel] launched its national vaccination campaign in December last year and has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, with 80 percent of citizens above the age of 12 fully inoculated… Fast forward two months later: Israel reported 9,831 new diagnosed cases on Tuesdaya hairbreadth away from the worst daily figure ever recorded in the country—10,000—at the peak of the third wave. “
  3. Long-Term Tissue-Degeneration. It is not a vaccine but rather an “mRNA spike-protein inducer” that promises “cumulative damage and chronic inflammation to cells for years to come.” Dr. Jacob Wes Ulm, MD, Ph.D., a geneticist, explained this concern in detail in a letter to the British Medical Journal, as well as in a public comment to an article about mRNA vaccines on January 2021: “[I]t seems that they [mRNA vaccines] can enter a much broader tissue range compared to even attenuated virus vaccines…And since the mRNA vaccines would induce SARS-CoV-2 viral spike protein expression, that seems to mean that people who get the mRNA vaccines are going to have a much greater range of cells and tissues vulnerable to cytotoxic [T-cell] attack…with side effects that may not manifest for years (with cumulative damage and chronic inflammation).”

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2 thought on “Why the Covid Jab Will Probably Kill You”
  1. I’m from Rome, and find it hilarious that so many people saw stories in the fake news about Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI “getting the vaccine” and immediately assumed they must be true. If you or anyone you know thinks Benedict isn’t 100% wide awake to EVERYTHING that is going on, think again.

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