Health Impact News/FoxNews
October 2, 2021

A Denver policeman along with his attorney appeared on Fox News. The officer can no longer walk by himself after receiving a Pfizer COVID-19 shot that was mandated as a condition for him to remain employed. He had already recovered from COVID-19 previously, and was healthy before taking the shot.

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4 thought on “Denver Policeman Crippled After Taking Mandated COVID Jab”
  1. They are immune from civil and criminal liability, He has no recourse. Has to just live with being a cripple.

  2. Here’s a little trip down memory lane on our good caring friends at Pfizer. Sandra Jordan, a former federal prosecutor and professor at the Charlotte School of Law in North Carolina, said: “Pfizer can survive this and pay the money. If it had fought the government at trial and lost, and a judge imposed a criminal sentence, that could have resulted in a corporate death penalty. That would have put Pfizer out of business.

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