America’s Frontline Doctors
White Coat Summit

July 27, 2021

Because of Dr. Cole’s recent presentation at America’s Frontline Doctors Conference concerning what he found while examining decedents who received the COVDI-19 vaccine, he has been (unsurprisingly) under relentless attack by major news media and, of course, pigeon-holed as a “conspiracy theorist.”

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2 thought on “SHOCKING: Physician Findings on Autopsies of the Vaccinated (Video)”
  1. These sorts of headlines constitute a gigantic red-pill-for-the-masses. People are gradually waking up to the FACT that The Medical Establishment exists not to help sick people get and stay healthy, but solely to make money.
    Wait until the normies realize that it’s been possible for decades to cure cancer cheaply in many different ways, none of which involves chemo/radiation. And that there’s no need to drill cavities and fill them with poisonous mercury, because with proper nutrition your teeth will re-enamel themselves. And on, and on, and on…

  2. This is what the NEO-DARK AGES looks like in REAL/REEL time. Individuals persecuted & “witchhunted” for going against doctrine or “misinterpreting” the NEO-SCRIPTURE which’s what “Official Doctrine” or dogma has morphed into.

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