‘It was a plandemic organized by the bankers!!’

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September 25, 2021

Many New York City workers are facing a Monday (9/27/21) deadline to be “vaccinated” with a COVID-19 shot as a condition for employment.

A citywide “walk-out” has been in the plans for the past week on the same day, from 2-6 p.m. starting in Foley Square.

Known simply as “JoSpeaksTruth” on Telegram, this woman from the Dominican Republic fired up the crowds in NYC today, stating that:

“This is the worst psychological operation in history…

Another tactic that is used on the people is fear. A Stockhold Syndrome and cognitive dissonance. The government is abusing us.

I need people to realize this: we cannot no longer continue to go this way. Our jobs are on the line.

I personally, I don’t care. Because I’d rather stand free, I’d rather eat food from the dumpster, than get injected with this bioweapon!

This is an assault on our humanity. And if we don’t have control over what we put into our bodies, we’re nothing but slaves and cattle.”

Listen to her whole inspired speech on the streets of New York today.

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One thought on “New Yorkers Rising Up as Mandatory COVID Shot Deadline Looms (Video)”
  1. Wow! Truly powerful and inspiring to watch and hope and pray this grows in other cities nationwide. I lived and worked in D.C. and northern Virginia and Maryland for about 15 years or so and spent 7 years working on Capitol Hill and I really wish with all my being that this would happen in Washington D.C. on a larger scale but D.C. is so much of a cesspool and not a swamp.

    This is what we need right now my fellow Americans is critical thinking second and third generation Americans standing up and speaking out and are willing to die for this country and it’s true Christian tenet. It saddens me to see parents right here in South Florida putting masks on their children and afraid to shake your hand when greeted assuming that they’re going to die from a fake virus. As a naturalized American and combat veteran from a island nation like this young lady, I’ve experienced her up bringing and so have many others. Wake up, speak out and fight to live. Because no one is coming to save us.

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