An event last weekend at Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha Nebraska featured Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who at the end of his address led those gathered in a rather curious prayer. The event was captured in a Tweet by one of Flynn’s partisan detractors.

According to General Flynn’s Wikipedia profile both of his parents are Irish Catholic.

Flynn’s “benediction” was also discussed at some length on the September 20th edition of TruNews, where the hosts linked the general’s prayer to ideas developed by well-known occultists Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky.

We are your instrument of your sevenfold rays and all your archangels—all of ‘em
We will not retreat. We will not retreat
We will stand our ground
We will not fear to speak
We will be the instrument of your will, whatever it is
In your name, and the name of your legions
We are free born, and we shall remain free born
And we shall not be enslaved
By any foe, within or without
So help me god

Flynn’s prayer also suggests an affinity with the “Ascended Masters” movement that worships entities believed to have broken the “reincarnation cycle.”

Joseph Szimhart also provides a thoughtful take of this episode below and discusses Alice Bailey at greater length here.

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4 thought on “Gen. Michael Flynn’s New Age Moment”
  1. I find it absolutely hilarious that folks are losing their mind with Gen. Flynn prayer. Back in July of last year when he became the poster boy for the Christians Pro- Trump movement I said then that he was controlled opposition and and apart of the new age movement.
    1. Amy intelligence officer with over 20 years with a secret security clearance and numerous National security letters.
    2. Trained under the same program as Col. Michael Aquino (Temple of Set)
    3. A military industrial complex protégé.
    The Theosophical Society has deep roots in this country and most of Americans have no bloody clue that their so called Christians tenets are steeped in Occultism. Kabbalist are jumping for joy.
    Here a book I’ll recommend for y’all research.
    Kabbalah Secrets Christians need to Know. DeAnne Loper.

      1. Thanks for the added research Prof. Tracy. I remembered it well due to the fact that my parents belonged to a international cult based out of Southern California during that time.

  2. I never knew about any of this, but, I had already discerned something rather dark about Flynn. I’m glad I stumbled across your article. Having read the Bible numerous times over the years, no I can’t just pop out scripture, I can recognize things that are not in God’s word. When I heard Flynn’s prayer I started wondering exactly where and when did God give us a super weapon or turn us into a super weapon. LOL! I knew it was bogus, and when I saw he was at a Kenneth “the Demon King” Copeland event, well, the poor sheep in the crowd wouldn’t know the difference. Thanks for the great info.

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