Isabel van Brugen
Epoch Times

August 12, 2021

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Thursday declined to block Indiana University’s (IU) COVID-19 vaccine requirement which takes full effect this fall, offering no explanation for her decision.

Barrett, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, made the decision alone in response to an emergency request from eight IU students who sued the school in June. The students argued that the inoculation requirement would violate their constitutional rights by forcing them to receive unwanted medical treatment.

The eight students filed a motion for emergency relief following a lower court’s decision last week that sided with the university’s decision to require all students returning to campus on Aug. 23 to get vaccinated or else have a religious exemption or a medical condition.

The university on May 21 informed all students that failure to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by the fall semester will result in students’ class registrations being canceled and their university-issued IDs terminated, and they will be prohibited from any on-campus activity.

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