A misguided technological revolution is about to sweep through food systems, but civil society and social movements can stop it in its tracks.

Nick Jacobs
Children’s Health Defense

April 16, 2021

Imagine a world where algorithms are used to optimize growing conditions on every fertile square meter of land. Where whole ecosystems are re-engineered. Where drones and surveillance systems manage the farm. Where farmers are forced off the land into e-commerce villages.

Imagine a world where food is treated like a strategic asset and food transit routes are militarized. Where powerful governments and their flag-bearer corporations control resources and food supplies across vast economic corridors.

Imagine a world where many foods are grown in petri dishes, vats, and bioreactors. Where people’s eating habits are invisibly nudged using reams of metadata they have unknowingly surrendered via digital wallets. Where AI assistant apps decide on people’s food intake based on genetic information, family history, mood, and data readings from inside their waste bins and digestive systems.

This may sound like science fiction. But the “4th industrial revolution” is already sweeping through food systems. For proof, we need look no further than the changing complexion of the agri-food sector, where mergers and market disruptions are occurring at a dizzying pace.

E-commerce platforms like Amazon and China’s JD.com are now among the top ten retailers globally. With agribusiness increasingly reliant on cloud, AI and data processing services, big techfirms like Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft, Google, and Baidu are moving into food production. Meanwhile, Blackrock and 4 other asset management companies own 10 – 30% of the shares of the top agri-food firms.

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One thought on “Warning: ‘Keys of the Food System’ Being Handed Over to Big Tech”
  1. Ted Turner is the biggest private landholder in Nebraska (500,000+ acres), and now Bill Gates is 2nd (250,000+ acres) . Both are big globalists/communists.
    Our Nebraska inheritance taxes are so high that when a farmer dies, the kids can’t afford to pay them, so they have to sell the land (because interest on those unpaid taxes accrues at a fairly high rate). Vultures like Gates and Turner swoop in and buy it cheap.
    And I have no doubt that when they die, they’ll will our beautiful land to the U.N.

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