The European
March 27, 2021

For two months now, the American public and the American press, have asked the American president to hold a news conference. Many had serious questions about the capabilities of the American leadership to hold a full fledged news conference.

And so it happened. This week, Joe Biden held and official news conference in the White House press room, the first one of his presidency.

The big question I had prior to the news conference is: can he do it? Is the American president capable of holding an unscripted news conference in which he answers questions from reporters who can ask anything they want?

The answer is: most likely not. Because to some extent, the news conference was a farce.

The American president was reading from his notes continuously. As before, he struggled to make consistent sentences or to even finish them. And he said things that don’t really make sense. One of his most remarkable statements was that he joined the American senate 120 years ago. Really…

The news conference did not take away my worries about the capabilities of the American leadership. To the contrary, I am now worried even more. What was astounding is that the American president told the press that he was planning on running for a second term. At the end of that term he would be 86 years old. I don’t think that is a good idea…

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