Jon Rappoport

March 19, 2021

The Guardian: “Several European countries have halted using the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine…”

The Guardian has a brand new definition of “several.” Their own article lists the following nations: Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Romania, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Cyprus, Sweden. 

Ben Stein is “not-quite-so-glad” he got a COV ID19 vaccination after experiencing “devastating” side effects. “A word of warning, my fellow Americans,” Stein begins. “I had the Covid Moderna booster four or five days ago and I’m still feeling wild side effects from it, like I had the worst flu in the world, extreme shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, extremely irrational thinking, it has just been devastating.”-Ed.

Bulgaria and Thailand have also stopped the jab.

The reason for the “pause?” A “small” number of people have developed blood clots.

And now, as I write this, the Wall St. Journal is reporting that European Union medical regulators have decided everything is OK—“the benefits of the shots outweigh the risks.” Standard boilerplate language for: “we don’t have to explain the vaccine injuries or deaths.”

If you believe just a few people with blood clots caused 20 countries to stop giving the jabs, I have condos on Mars for sale. 

Hidden behind the firewall of the vaccine establishment, MANY people are keeling over.

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One thought on “Vaccine: twenty countries suspend injections; does that make you “hesitant?””
  1. Excellent article. Jon Rappoport is one of the best journalists on these issues IMO… he has done crucial reporting on this covid scandal all year and has reported for many years previously on related issues, wrote a book called ‘AIDS Inc.’, etc.
    Rappoport should be required reading IN MY OPINION

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