Joseph Weber
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February 28, 2021

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday made his case for the country returning to an American-first policy like that led by former President Trump.

“America first is right for America,” Pompeo said at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. “It’s right for each of us. America first secures our freedom. And the entire world benefits when America is fearless and bold and strong.”

Pompeo cited such Trump administration accomplishments as exiting the international Paris Agreement on climate change, while comparing them to the Democratic Biden administration’s early decision to return to the U.S. international climate pact.

“We showed that the Paris climate accord was a job-destroying joke,” Pompeo said. “So we said, ‘au revoir.’ Look, we all want clean air and safe drinking water. But the Paris Agreement was a fantasy for elite diplomats who just wanted to virtue signal.” 

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