Probing Biden Admin’s Zealous War on Christian American Trump Supporters

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February 26, 2021

The illegitimate Biden regime seems to be ready and willing to squash any form of  dissent. To do so, it has everything on its side: mass media, social media, Big Tech, corporations, the army, the police and anywhere between 30 to 50 percent of the population.

Anybody who protests November 6 election fraud, mass immigration, covid lockdowns, sexual degeneracy or whatever SJW dogma is viewed as a dissident in 2021 Amerika; and dissidents are currently labeled as domestic terrorists by the new regime in DC.

The big question is: are you a domestic terrorist? Well, if you voted for Donald Trump, you’re white and male, you most probably are.

It looks like they’re going to press the pedal to the metal on the domestic terrorism hysteria soon, and they are already talking about regulating crypto

3 Key Takeaways From House Hearing on Crypto and Domestic Terrorism

Experts spoke to the House Financial Services Committee about how domestic terrorist groups are funded. Crypto was a hot topic.

The House Financial Services Committee had a hearing this morning entitled “Dollars against Democracy”—a comprehensive look at how domestic terrorist organizations get their funding—and cryptocurrency was front of mind.

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