Interview with Simon Parkes

Doug Billings
February 18, 2021

 1. Gesara / Nesara and the Quantum Financial System
2. Gaslighting and the Radical Left Cancel Culture
3. Australia and Facebook: Big Tech Cancels Access to News
4. World Leaders: Not Calling Administrator Biden: They are Calling Trump

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3 thought on “Gesara/Nesara Quantum Finance”
  1. what if I was in bankruptcy and had to dismiss because of losing my job due to covid. Can they still get my stuff or will I be saved by Nesara..

    1. The notion of a new quantum financial system seems extravagant (no pun intended) yet fascinating. I’m not prepared to accept this as the reason JFK was assassinated, since he had so many enemies.

      Not quite sure what you mean. Bankruptcy is intended to prevent creditors from “getting [your] stuff.”

  2. Can the quantum financial system be implemented independent of Nesara? Nesara has not been announced so my understanding is that because of this, it cannot be enforced. Quantum financial system is a part of Nasara, correct?

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