Reuters/National Post
February 15, 2021

TEL AVIV — Israel plans to  reopen gyms, shopping malls and hotels to those fully vaccinated against COVID-19 who can produce a “green passport” — a certificate of presumed COVID-19 immunity, displayed on an Israeli Health Ministry app.

In a transcript of a speech to Cabinet on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office laid out plans to “make Israel the first country in the world to exit from the coronavirus”.

The second of three stages in the approach calls for an immunity passport limited to those who have been vaccinated.

“We will allow benefits to those who have been vaccinated,” Netanyahu says in the remarks, “so that they will be able to enter hotels, museums, cultural appearances, restaurants, pools, malls, basketball and soccer games, flights abroad and the like.

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One thought on “Gyms, shopping malls: The future in Israel belongs to the vaccinated with a ‘green pass’”
  1. Thank the God of Abraham,Issac and Jacob I don’t live in that unholy land. I had a opportunity to visit that country for free many moons ago and I have no regret that I didn’t.
    Since Biden is all for immigrants let’s open our borders to the Palestinians.
    Oh wait ! his handlers may not approve.

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