February 18, 2021

00:00 Trump Attorney Faces Cancel Culture
Trump’s impeachment lawyer, Attorney Schoen, now canceled by a law school and a civil rights law group. Schoen says these are two very important parts of his life that he lost. The decades-long civil rights lawyer tells The Epoch Times about being targeted by cancel culture.

01:42 Ky Co. Asks McConnell to Resign Leadership
One Kentucky county calling on Senator McConnell to resign from his leadership role. This right after Trump wrote a fiery letter about his dissatisfaction with McConnell’s role in the GOP. The county GOP chairman tells NTD’s Melina Wisecup why they feel Senator McConnell has betrayed the Kentucky voters.

03:54 Dems Accuse Cuomo of Obstructing Justice
Several New York Democrats accused Governor Andrew Cuomo on Feb. 17 of committing Obstruction of Justice, according to a letter obtained by the New York Post.

06:28 Biden on Human Rights: Different Cultural Norms
President Biden comes under fire for his latest remarks on China. We speak with a China expert to break down why it’s so controversial.

08:37 Citibank Loses $500M It Wired by Mistake
It’s being called one of the worst financial mistakes in years, on Feb. 16, a federal judge blocked Citigroup from getting back about 500 million dollars it accidentally wired to Revlon investors.

09:22 Sea Foam Blankets Irish Village
Check out a strange sight in a small village on Ireland’s east coast. Fluffy seafoam blanketed houses and streets on Feb. 14.

10:03 Mammoth Teeth Yield Oldest DNA on Record
Scientists have recovered the oldest DNA on record, extracting it from mammoth teeth. The giant creatures roamed northeastern Siberia up to 1.2 million years ago.

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