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February 16, 2021

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00:00 Trump Lawyer Rebukes ‘Bloodthirsty’ Media
An interview between a CBS reporter and one of Former President Trump’s Impeachment lawyers is going viral. In a heated exchange after Trump was acquitted, the Lawyer is accusing media outlets of pushing narratives and trying to divide the country.

01:52 US Bank Investment Aids China’s Military Expansion
The US is in-part supporting the expansion of China’s military. That’s as major American banks have invested billions of dollars in a Chinese cell phone maker tied to the country’s military.

04:38 Biden’s Gun Laws Could Close Manufacturers
Biden’s pushing Congress to buckle down on gun control. On the third anniversary of the Parkland Florida mass shooting, Biden called for stricter oversight for gun owners and manufacturers.

07:12 NYT Corrects Story About Officer’s Death
The New York Times has issued a correction to an article about a man’s death that House Democrats used as evidence for the Impeachment trial. The correction in sparking outrage and ‘calls for media accountability.’

09:42 Study Combats Deep Fakes
Do you ever second-guess videos that come across your social media feed? ‘Deep fakes’ are becoming more common, but we might also be one step closer to combating them.

11:26 Minneapolis to Recruit More Police
The Minneapolis Police Department is short-staffed following last summer’s unrest. Now their City Council wants to spend 6.4-million dollars to recruit new officers.

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