February 14, 2021

Super Bowl 55 Half Time Show, February 7, 2021

“Then everything vanished: the grass, the mountains, the city of light. I was now floating on top of a terrifying abyss, above what appeared to be an ocean of fog. I began to sink into it, and as I descended, I noticed it wasn’t fog at all. Every particle was a condemned soul, a demonized person. Each horrifying figure still possessed traces of being human; I could see the resemblance of an arm, the piece of a face. But every being was totally deformed by sin, and I was perfectly aware of exactly what type of sin had inflected what type of deformity. At the same time I also knew and felt the origin of every one of my own terrifying deformities.

As I looked deeper into this frightening abyss in the bowels of the earth, I saw that it became increasingly complicated because there were infinite levels of condemnation, and all of the condemned human souls were connected to demonic hierarchies far below. Those hierarchies were formed by fallen angels. Each hierarchy was ruling a different territory of sin, and I could see how the souls were eternally enslaved to the hierarchies of demons that correspond with their sins. It was as if the souls were wired to them, too. Why sins were perfectly connected to millions of evil spirits in different dimensions of the abyss. All at once, I saw the horrifying faces of the demons I fornicated with and committed adultery with–I saw the evil, twisted faces of my violence, my dishonesty, my greed, my gluttony.”

Marino Restrepo, “A Saint Paul for Our Century,” in The Warning: Testimonies and Prophecies of The Illumination of Conscience, Christine Watkins, ed., Sacramento, CA: Queen of Peace Media, 2019.

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