ND Headlines/Evening News:Texas Governor Order Agencies to Sue Biden Admin; Biden Pick Backed CCP-Tied Group – Report

NTD News
January 29, 2021

NTD Evening News—01/29/2021
1. Annual ‘March for Life’ Rally in DC
2. SC Senate Passes Heartbeat Abortion Bill
3. Texas Gov. EO: Sue Biden Admin
4. McConnell Rips ‘Piecemeal Green New Deal’

5. A Closer Look at Biden’s Record-High EO’s
6. Ex-FBI Lawyer Sentenced: 1 Year Probation
7. Texas AG to Investigate Robinhood Players
8. Dems Seek to Expand Mail-In Ballots
9. Maricopa Co. to Audit Election Systems
10. Influencer Charged w/ Hindering Election
11. Biden Pick Backed CCP-Tied Group: Report
12. NYC Indoor Dining Opens on Valentine’s Day
13. NYC Mayoral Candidates Debate on Education
14. Silicon Valley Exec. Joins Recall Effort
15. Baidu Given Driverless Vehicle Test Permit
16. HK Plan May End Anonymous Mobile Sim Cards
17. Forced Demolition Victims Left Homeless
18. Lawsuit Claims Subway Tuna Is Not Tuna
19. Bitcoin Soars 14% After Elon Musk Tweet
20. Agricultural Tech Startup Innovates
21. UK Launches Visa Offer to HK Citizens
22. EU Approves Astra-Oxford Covid-19 Vaccine
23. Needle Shortages Hamper Vaccinations
24. Frenchwoman Refuses Sick Father Vaccine
25. UK Bans Flights From UAE
26. Flying Cars Airport to Land in England
27. Danny Macaskill Downhills the Slabs
28. Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart Host Puppy Bowl

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