Interview with eyewitness to January 6th events in DC

United States Grace Force
January 19, 2021

Further steps are being taken to silence all those who speak the truth. In this episode, our anonymous guest warns us what’s going on behind the scenes, and what’s coming.

Editor’s Note: A very worthwhile interview with a woman who attended the January 6th DC rally and so-called “storming of the Capitol,” which she contends was done by a comparatively small number of agent provocateur vandals. “They created this massive spectacle,” she says.

“We witnessed a million basically law-abiding taxpayers being framed in real time by our own media and our government, and the fact they have the power to do that is incredible.”

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One thought on “The Silencing of Truth – “Capitol Riot” Eyewitness (Video)”
  1. The interview was long and drawn out for airtime reasons I assume. Nothing “Joan” stated was new to those of us who are aware of the treasonous behavior of individuals who live and work in the cespool of D.C.
    It was a false flag plain and simple and those like myself who saw the so call rioting of the Capitol knew that the Feds and military was involved in this bad movie production and Ashlei Babbit or what ever the actress or Air force veteran name was,is still alive and kicking with a federal protection witness check being deposit to her bank account.
    This is a battle for the mind of us that believe in God and his soon to be Kingdom on earth. Good always conquers evil.

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