(Fellowship of the Minds beat us to the punch with this one, a draft of which has sat on our shelf for the past few days. Yet this is such a bizarre and arguably important story it deserves more than one blog spreading the word.)

Antifa, originally Antifaschistische Aktion, traces its roots to a communist paramilitary that led the resistance to competing German nationalism in the early 1930s.

Scene from the 1932 Antifaschistische Aktion conference. Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

It’s internet namesake, Antifa.com, has a history that dates back over 20 years. According to the Internet Archive as far back as November 2000 the site was operated by an entity or agent representing or coordinating an international affiliation of left wing groups.

During these early years of the site’s above incarnation one may follow links to affiliate sites, including the Francophone antifa.net.

In 2001 the domain appeared to change ownership, as it was ostensibly operated by the “Anti Racist Action – Canada and Worldwide”.

Over the years it has become an online orphan of sorts. As recently as 2018 Antifa.com, for example, it was up for sale on the internet.

In mid-2020 the site was apparently purchased by some deep-pocketed prankster or Antifa-friendly activist for as much as $37,000. (Think of what can be purchased with an Open Society grant!)

Around this time the domain was scooped up and the apparent new owner set the url to redirect to JoeBiden.com, as suggested by Internet Archive.

Less than three weeks before redirecting visitors to joebiden.com, however, on July 24, 2020, as FOTM verifies and notes via Internet Archive, the site promoted the Antifa cause.

In late August after a good deal of “buzz” surrounding the redirect, the Biden-Harris campaign disavowed any relationship with the far left group (…affiliation, or ideology depending on who’s doing the classifying) associated with attacking federal buildings and burning down entire city blocks.

According to USA Today, the domain at some point also redirected to Kamala Harris’ website, and has changed hands several times.

Yet in November 2020, following the crooked election, the site continued to redirect to JoeBiden.com. Hmmmm.

Upon Joe Biden and Kamala Harris being sworn in as President and Vice President-Select on January 20, 2021, Antifa.com now (perhaps fittingly, since neither have condemned its vandalism and violence) redirects inquiries to the Whitehouse.gov domain.

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