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January 21, 2021

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4 thought on “Biden Kicked 5000 Troops Out Of The Senate and into a Parking Garage …”
  1. I’m not surprised to hear this ! The “real” Joe Biden is no longer with us & Obama hates the military so look for more of this to come.

  2. My first reaction is get over it your whiny weekend warriors and be grateful that this isn’t a deployed South Korean or Afghanistan winter.
    My second reaction is yeah thats Pedo Joe with his disgrace of a son Hunter who got a age waiver for his direct commission in the Navy Reserves and when tested positive for cocaine was placed on limited duty (he was a weekend warrior) for drug rehab and was administrative discharged instead of a bad conduct discharge for drug use.
    The liberals hate the military and veteran unless it serves their purpose.

    1. According to recent remarks by the DC mayor, federal DC is in fact a separate entity, so this is a foreign mission of sorts for them. The mayor states DC is now vying for statehood, so that may make her governor.

      Today Florida Gov DeSantis said the National Guard are not Nancy Pelosi’s bodyguards, and moved to recall Florida’s contingent.

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