Nick Arama
Red State

January 18, 2021

We reported how Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tried to justify banning the leader of the free world from his site as well as a boatload of other folks on the right, including folks whose only ‘crime’ seems to have been posting about legal documents that made Democrats look bad. 

Project Veritas then dropped a video on Jack showing that it went far beyond Trump and that they anticipated it was going to go on long past the inauguration. Can we say “new normal,” people? Comply with our new mediaoverlords now, children, or if not prepare to have your accounts wiped. 

Now Project Veritas has a new video out, showing that it isn’t even only just about the United States where they intend to crackdown, they’re applying this to the whole world and apply the things they learned in other places to the United States. This is indeed what the leaders of Germany and Mexico were concerned about when they criticized President Donald Trump being booted. Not just because they thought it was wrong, but also because they could so easily see themselves or their interests being next on the target list. Isareli National News just called it what it is: political censorship on a global scale. 

Vijaya Gadde is Twitter’s Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety head. She’s actually the person who was behind banning Trump, she told Jack while he was sunning himself in French Polynesia.


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