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Update (1510 ET): Local news Fox17 reports the FBI is investigating a bombing lead “at a home located on the 100 block of Bakertown Road in Antioch.”

Photos from the scene show FBI agents and Metro Nashville Police outside a home with an armored vehicle. 

Inspeccionan casa del sospechoso de Nashville.— Marcial Cuquerella 🤙 (@cuquemar) December 26, 2020

Law enforcement officials tell NBC News, the home of a 63-year-old man is being searched by federal agents.

In a press conference this afternoon, Special Agent in Charge Doug Korneski said that “several individuals” had caught their attention.


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One thought on “FBI Activity Spotted At Nashville Home As Bomber Remains At Large”
  1. It was a missile strike. Check your news sources. Photos above remind me of Boston Marathon when they “searched” private homes.

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