What exactly is the 44th US President’s true legacy? What did he bear witness to? Some will remember the Obama presidency for its raft of sensationalized mass casualty events and pleas for gun control. Others will remember the Great Wall Street bailout, or Obama’s obsession with drone kill lists, and R2P/Responsibility to Protect foreign policy. Still others will recollect the president’s opaque personal history, his rock star appeal alongside the administration’s brazen hostility toward news media. However one reconsiders those eight years, it was a time when promises were left unfulfilled and untruth reigned supreme.

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2 thought on “A Promised Land of Lies (Video Commentary)”
  1. Dear Prof. James Tracey,

    I believe what you are saying. I am very upset with the Hydroxychloroquine Hoax. India and Turkey have used it and have very few deaths. I read articles from their countries…Turkey shared HCQ with Ecuador. I believe their death rates are few too.

    I felt rest assured that I would be fine as long as I could get HCQ. I am hoping to use the RIGHT TO TRY law with Covid if I ever got Covid.

    I believe I got banned from YouTube partly for saying this in the live chat and in the comments.

    I believe people have died needlessly…due to this exclusion of info.

    I call that Murder. Thou SHALT NOT KILL.

    THOU SHALT NOT bear false witness.

    The engineers of this pandemic hoped there would be no antidote. But there was one and they algorithmed and banned this info and censored this info away.

    Rush Limbaugh said something on Thursday or Friday at beginning of Podcast….something about Obama never leaving Washington DC.

    I believe he and others were behind the following.


    Now, I believe he is part of the network behind Covid exaggeration.

    Rush Limbaugh said Obama got on the phone with mayors and governors and told them to go back to lockdowns.

    I believe due to his Race, we are not allowed to publically criticize him…his being black.

    This is Marxist. BLM is Marxist. Blackness is the classist call to government takeover.

    I believe you should take your Sandy Hook case to the Supreme Court. We, as Americans, have a Right to think, to doubt, to see connections, to see strange patterns.

    You are not a kook. But even kooks have a right to say kooky things. If kooky things are censored, that is dangerous because many times TRUTH IS KOOKY.

    I am not stupid. I am a person that has a brain that may be a little autistic in the way that it sees patterns….I analyze patterns…in people’s behavior.

    Is there any way that you can volunteer your brains to assist the Trump Campaign research Election Fraud? If you can, contact the White House and offer your service.

    I believe when Election Fraud is proven, Obama’s Marxist Goals may be able to be dismantled…and Sandy Hook and the injustices done to you and me and others can be REMEDIED.

    You seem to be a person of integrity who is devoted to TRUTH FINDING despite the costs.

    Trump’s Lawyers look overly tired as the press harasses them.

    Trump retweeted Wayne Dupree’s tweet about Sandy Hook being a hoax.

    Trump needs solidly honest people around him. There may a door for you in his White House if you are persistent.

  2. PS .

    This is a continuation of my other comment.

    Also, Harvey Risch of Yale Epidemiology said Studies on Hydroxychloroquine are purposefully being done wrong. In a Newsweek Magazine, he said he was FLUMMOXED at how HCQ is being vilified. He did an interview with CNN, also.

    The head of FDA needs to be fired because I believe he is a democrat hack scientist and is blocking use of HCQ in US.

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