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German author and newspaper editor Udo Ulfkotte has been among the few prestigious mainstream journalists to tell the public that it’s being lied to by a large majority journalists and news organizations, most of which manipulate readerships for bribes and professional one-upmanship. Ulfkotte’s mea culpa was titled Bought Journalists, a German best-seller translated into nine languages, the English translation of which met with unusual hurdles before finally coming to fruition.

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3 thought on “Bought Journalists: The Case of Udo Ulfkotte (Video)”
  1. Another Messenger Killed. Happens a lot don’t it? Never heard of him before today. I have NOT been too hopeful about much of anything lately, but a high point was The Republican National Convention blew my doors off and brought me home, virtually. I restored an antique yacht in front of Fort McHenry as my first job out of high school at the brand new Inner Harbor Marina. Here is Nick Sandman’s brilliant presentation who fought back and won against the CANCEL CULTURE and the crucifixion of a teenager for the mere act of wearing a MAGA Hat and being at a right to life advocation rally. Yes the RNC was a high luster incredibly polished production. It was everything it should have always been and much more… a diamond bullet up the ass of the beast! The speakers destroyed the insane left at every turn the last few nights and I mean annihilated them. I am so far beyond inspired by what I saw. This country is far from gone as we know it. The former Ambassador to Germany, blasted a crater on the Obama era. Pure genius… the case that was laid out for Trump’s re-eelction flawlessly and it laid bare the lies that Trump is a racist. The 25 year old paraplegic running for Congress and standing up with no working legs. It really got me and yes the theatrics did a number on me. So much so that I might buy a new guitar instead of a tactical homestead defending weapon. I wrote a new song yesterday. Speaker after speaker at RNC just eviscerated the race baiting liberal hacks of Covidia, a country within a country where shutting down goes hand in hand with shutting up. One African speaker after another, one woman after another, people in wheel chairs, a Chinsese Dissident reading brail telling it like it is the CCP is the enemy of humanity, there was a Rabbi and a NUN, a Naturalization Ceremony, a Presidential Pardon, They had former Brass who defected from planned parenthood and told a horror story of witnessing an abortion and quitting when they doubled her quota for abortions sold. She spoke against the founder and the Margaret Sanger award. There RNC left no stone unturned but one…. the child raping pedo-freak disease in Hollyweird.

  2. Pilgrim society pushed the concept of goverment by journalism and elaborated om the ideal at length lamenting the ephemeral character and inefficiency of relying on ordinary politicians.
    The type of journalists they aimed for were of the kind they recruited within the context of the Milner group, ie carefully selected individuals groomed to be aligned with Britains imperialism aims for the anglosaxons and for the return of the Us to the british empire.

    First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 (Jun. 05-28, 1909) organized by the Pilgrims Society
    full participant Winston Churchill said:
    “…this is a Conference which tends to increase the power and influence and strength of the man behind the pen—and, after all, the man behind the pen is no less important than the man behind the gun.”

    Simultaneously, Cecil Rhodes’ biographer W.T. Stead, co-founder of the Pilgrims Society, and key participant in the 1909 Imperial Press Conference, was busy schooling American publisher Randolph Hearst in the finer points of the Pilgrims’ plan for “Government by Journalism.”
    Example from the list below, item 20:
    “Education of the masses must be discouraged, in order to create harmony with the desires of the wealthy and the several trusts, who will see in such a suggestion a strong tendency to reduce wages from their now unreasonable heights to the basis of wages paid in Great Britain; also, the suggestion that the ignorant
    cannot organize so formidably as the educated masses will be widely appreciated as dissension and suspicion of their own leaders can be more easily advanced.”

    From that item 20 from the list I suspect we may understand where the ‘dumbing down of america’ came from

    The 24-step Pilgrims Society Corporatist Imperial Federation
    Strategy to Return America to British Rule

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