Senate Can Still Stop CASE Act

Electronic Frontier Foundation
(October 23, 2019)

The House of Representatives has just voted in favor of the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (CASE Act) by 410-6 (with 16 members not voting), moving forward a bill that Congress has had no hearingsand no debates on so far this session. That means that there has been no public consideration of the serious harm the bill could do to regular Internet users and their expression online.

The CASE Act creates a new body in the Copyright Office which will receive copyright complaints, notify the person being sued, and then decide if money is owed and how much. This new Copyright Claims Board will be able to fine people up to $30,000 per proceeding. Worse, if you get one of these notices (maybe an email, maybe a letter—the law actually does not specify) and accidentally ignore it, you’re on the hook for the money with a very limited ability to appeal. $30,000 could bankrupt or otherwise ruin the lives of many Americans.


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3 thought on “House Votes in Favor of Disastrous Copyright Bill”
  1. Typical Demo-O-crip move. They are just a gang with more expensive outfits. Of course the Re-blood-licans aren’t much better. They are gelded and spineless to stop the onslaught of the endlessly expanding over-reach of Big Brother Gov’t. This is “THEY LIVE!” but in real life, not a movie. You can’t quite get a handle on how f*ck’d we are. Best to just open a beer and watch bread and circus du jour on the Tell-A-Vision. You have to try the seasonal brew “Ship Yard Pumpkin Ale” from Maine. It’s incredible with a brown sugar, cinnamon and molasses rim job on your glass. It’s awesome. Hope the Astros better win the next came, we can’t have the Den of Vipers home team sweeping the Series.

  2. So many people out there don’t even have a pot to piss in. Good luck getting that much money or any money at all from so many of them who don’t have anything 🤣

  3. Legislation like this surely proves Congress will do anything they are told by the evil forces that paid to put them there and are keeping them there. Meanwhile our average cost of housing has tripled in 20 years in my area. I’d swear grocery prices have quadrupled while wages have flat lined a decade ago. It looks designed to keep us from never getting ahead simply by saving money. Dem-O-crips have run the show here in Colorado for about the last 13 years since Governor Bill Owens last term ended. More homeless than ever. More Dirtbags than ever. More illegals than ever. More people uninvolved than ever working their 3 jobs too busy to go to town council meetings. Please please legalize weed in you own states, don’t export your dirtbags here. We are drowning in them. I found a mountain of fourth of July trash at a boat launch on the Colorado River near Dotzero. Only people with no soul would commit such a crime against nature.

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