Isabel Vincent
New York Post

(September 28, 2019)

The FBI unsealed hundreds of documents last week related to controversial New York lawyer Roy Cohn, whose clients included mobsters, Yankee players, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese and President Trump during his days as a Manhattan real estate developer.

The formerly classified documents comprise some 750 pages of communiques — some of them sent directly to then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover — between the FBI and New York law enforcement over an investigation into Cohn.

In 1959, the lawyer and former protege of anti-Communist Sen. Joseph McCarthy was accused of paying a $50,000 bribe to a US attorney in Manhattan to prevent the indictment of a group of investors. After a trial in 1964, Cohn was found not guilty.

Those hoping to glean never-before-published tidbits of the life of one of the city’s most notorious lawyers may be disappointed.

Most of the papers are heavily redacted by federal authorities.


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