SGT Report
(September 24, 2019)

The mockingbird mainstream media is unrelenting in its coordinated effort to coverup the crimes of creepy Joe Biden and his son Hunter, whilst hoisting the blame for said crimes on President Trump who had the audacity to request that the crimes of Joe and Hunter be investigated. A truly remarkable story.

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2 thought on “Dems Project Biden’s StrongArm Tactics on Trump to Impeach”
  1. The untouchable elite criminal element like the Clintons, Bushes, Cheneys and Bidens of this realm ramble on unscathed by law enforcement. This soul-less evil reprobate class of individuals rises to the top and we are baffled as to how it happens. How in the wide world of sports did Bill Clinton get control of the Billions of Haitian Relief Funds? How is Lord Vader Cheney not hissed at everywhere he goes for getting millions killed in the fake war on terror? HOW does a body count in the 100s not prevent Killary from running for President? How does serial groper creepy Uncle Joe Biden have the gaul to run for President? How is he the front runner? You can tell the gears in his head are grinding every time he opens his mouth. The front runner who openly bragged about getting a Prosecuting Attorney in Ukraine fired by black mailing them; threatening to withhold foreign aid. It’s on tape. And he’s still the front runner for the Dem-O-Crips ! IT’s right out of the rules for radicals handbook… accuse your opposition of what you do. If you are the first accusation in, the recrimination from the innocent party will sound insane. The waters forever muddied. They keep using this technique against Trump… first Russian Hackers, now the Ukraine scam.

  2. Interesting. The rumor that I’VE been hearing is that the “whistleblower” was set up with this bogus information by … Trump people.
    Only in this way could POTUS get the facts on the Biden corruption out there in the public eye, where the Fake News Media is now forced to cover them (however spottily). The cherry on top is Liddle Adam Schiff being called out amid demands for his resignation. And there is no indication that it is Trump who put the info out there.
    Nobody can play chess like Trump. Pretty effing brilliant if you ask me…

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