Chris Menahan
Information Liberation
(September 23, 2019)

The post-constitutional system the US government created in the wake of 9/11 to supposedly go after Muslims in far-off lands is now slated to be used aggressively on Americans. 

Leftists are absolutely giddy.

From VICE, “DHS Just Finally Recognized White Nationalism as a Major Terror Threat”:

Department of Homeland Security is finally, officially recognizing white supremacist terror as a major national security threat in the U.S. — a threat that’s coming from the inside.

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan on Friday unveiled the department’s new counterterrorism strategy, which for the first time places major emphasis on countering the threat of white nationalism coming from inside the U.S.

Trump resisted calls to do just this in the past but Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan is pushing through with it. McAleenan is a die-hard leftist that Trump appointed who made a splash in June by allegedly sabotaging a major planned ICE raid by leaking details to the press.

On September 20, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin K. McAleenan introduced DHS’s Strategic Framework for Countering Terrorism and Targeted Violence at an event co-hosted by Heritage and the Brookings Institution,

The news will come as some relief for national security and extremism experts, who for years and with increasing urgency have sounded the alarm about the threat of white nationalist terror. After the Christchurch mosque attacks in March, President Donald Trump himself shrugged off the idea that white nationalist terror posed a major security threat. His administration has also defunded and dismantled DHS programs that were designed to counter violent extremism, including far-right extremism. At a House committee hearing earlier this week, experts stressed that the U.S. was woefully ill-equipped to counter the threat. 

DHS was created in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, and since then its counterterrorism strategy has been largely focused on the threat posed by foreign groups, like ISIS and al Qaeda. Friday’s announcement and formal recognition of white supremacist terror marks a major turning point for the department. 

White supremacists are replacing Muslim terrorists as the new boogieman used to strip Americans of their rights — complete with fake stories about WMDs and everything. 


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4 thought on “DHS Declares White Nationalists The New Terror Threat”
  1. This is another way of saying war on White people/Patriots/Constitutionalists-EVERYONE should be contacting their representatives re: this State-Sponsored terrorism to good citizens of the USA-HEADS SHOULD ROLL

    1. What exactly makes someone “White”? Are those of non-Western European descent “white”? Are those who trace their origins to the Jewish diaspora also “white”? If not, why do the ethnic and religious components of their identity define them as something else? Seems as if this is more of a label to demarcate a political other.

      1. Dr. Tracy it seems incredibly ironic that you made a video and posted it today about how Indiana University did something FAU didn’t – honor and respect the most basic tenets of the Constitution of the USA.

        But then you defend the very ethne that runs Florida’s state schools and more of its government.

        Do you have a personal version of the ‘Jewish diaspora?’ Do you actually believe that the jews went into Europe by force of mass abduction and enslavement?

        I don’t think it any coincidence that a state that has historically recognized exactly who ‘white’ was in America’s founding also recognized that a professor of one of its state universities can exercise his rights as established in that founding. There’s a reason why hordes flock to a nation conceived and founded by ‘white’ people, defined as northwestern europeans or even moreso as angloceltic protestants. Indiana has a history of doing this yet you would almost certainly decry its ‘racism’ and ‘immorality.’

        This comes from someone whose half irish catholic/half german catholic and mostly irish and some english catholic grandparents grew up in Indiana. My grandmother told my mother how ‘no one would play with her’ in the farmland bordering Indianapolis because she was a Roman Catholic.

        Those evil ‘whiteys’ aka protestants may have had a point. Notice the dominance of Roman peoples in Florida, as compared to Indiana – Jews and Catholics.

        1. I would like to add to my questions, what is Judaism? Is its crux nothing more than a ‘way to demarcate a political other?’

          I am not being rhetorical here. I truly wonder what people think the tenets of Judaism are.

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