Who Does the Newspaper Truly Serve & ‘Report’ To?

FAU Professor James Tracy has occupied a unique position from which to critique dishonest, lazily-produced, and thinly-veiled propaganda presented as “news.” He has been a prime target of national news media for his controversial views and analyses of public events. More recent coverage has been addressed at some length on this site (e.g. here, here and here).

Now the Palm Beach Post has upped the ante, actually classifying Tracy’s civil rights battle against FAU as “crime.”

In August 2018, Tracy filed an appeal of the lower court’s TracyvFAU with the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which will be heard before a panel of judges on September 19, 2019. The final appeal brief was filed the following November.

While South Florida news media provided florid, wall-to-wall coverage of the TracyvFAU trial taking place in West Palm Beach in late 2017, there has been scant reporting of the important appeal in the same media. The Palm Beach Post has carried one story upon the federal appeal filing, while the South Florida Sun-Sentinel hasn’t even mentioned the action, with its presumably final story noted that the pro forma appeal for a retrial in the lower court was denied.

In a recent review of the Post‘s single story, it’s notable that the paper’s editors classify the important civil rights appeal as a “crime.” That’s right, the staff actually filed the report in the news outlet’s online crime section.

According to the newspaper’s editors, a professor questioning FAU’s unconstitutionally vague “Outside Employment/Activities Policy” is a criminal. The Post‘s Crime News page is the same blue collar crime department that carries reports of murders, rapes, and car-jackings, accompanied by police mugshots of the alleged perpetrators.

This is likely no mistake. The Palm Beach Post now believes it’s a crime for any individual to question the news media’s often confusing reportage of complex events–particularly a college professor who might be given some measure of public credibility.

By failing to accept the court’s conclusions in TracyvFAU, and having the temerity to ask for a higher court’s review, James Tracy, in the judgement of South Florida’s corporate news media, has committed a “crime.”

Further, the Post‘s story title, “Fired FAU Professor Declares It’s His Right to Call Sandy Hook a Hoax,” is clearly misleading and inflammatory, as is the sloppy reporting itself.

For example, Court reporter Jane Musgrave writes,

University administrators and others might not like his views that the school shooting and other tragedies, such as the Oklahoma City and Boston Marathon bombings, were staged by the government to promote gun control. But Tracy has a constitutional right to express them, [his attorney] said.

Any observer of the proceedings by now knows Tracy never made any claims or inferences that the Oklahoma City and Boston Marathon bombings were “staged by the government to promote gun control.” In fact, he’s even been consistently careful not to affirm the notion that “nobody died at Sandy Hook.” Perhaps this is a reason Vice interviewed him for several hours in early 2018, but then failed to air even a few seconds of the interview.


In fact, none of the appeal briefs even mention the Oklahoma City or Boston Marathon bombings. But as far as Musgrave and Post editors are concerned, anything goes when seeking to further defame Tracy and “his ongoing quest to get his job back.”

This form of hype and flagrant inaccuracy suggests the newspaper management’s contempt not only Tracy’s “quest,” but also for its readership’s intelligence and discernment.

In its service to power the Post and Sentinel have predictably turned a blind eye to other unlawful acts that Tracy has sought to shed light on, specifically FAU police officers accessing his private driver’s license information.

In the end these escapades shouldn’t be surprising. One can certainly make the argument that the Post‘s coverage isn’t even intended to satisfy the informational needs of its readership. As the end of the day its publisher and staff are keenly aware of the powerful area interests they must placate. Its reportage thus plays to the very select “gallery” of Palm Beach County’s most powerful and affluent individuals.

With the aid of South Florida “journalists” these parties and their ilk will apparently do anything to deprive a “conspiracy theorist” of his tenured public university post.

FAU President John Kelly (left) alongside Christine Lynn and Richard Schmidt, FAU’s most prominent donors. “The 25 Most Powerful People in Palm Beach County,” Jupiter Magazine, September 2018.

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4 thought on “Palm Beach Post Files TracyvFAU Appeal Story Under “Crime””
  1. Quote: 1961 U.C. Berkeley Annual by President Clark Kerr, Ph.D., page 12:
    “The theme of the 1961 BLUE AND GOLD is the University’s motto, ‘Let There Be Light’, which appears on the University flag in its Latin version ‘Fiat Lux’. The light, of course, is the light of knowledge and understanding. It is interesting to note that the ‘lux’ of the Latin motto is also related to ‘luxury’—an etymological relationship, however, that is quite misleading. For the light of knowledge and understanding cannot be regarded as a luxury. Rather, it is a necessity, and an increasingly vital necessity in a world where basic knowledge is giving man ever greater control over the conditions of his life—over his physical environment and, we hope, over his social and intellectual development as well.
    I hope that this year’s BLUE AND GOLD will serve to remind each of you of a University career devoted to many pursuits, both pleasant and serious—to campus activities, friendships, social and athletic events, but above all to the search for knowledge and understanding which should be the chief purpose of your years at the University.”
    Professor Kerr was appointed President of the University of California in 1958 and basically forced out in 1967 due to the same kind of small minded folks who seek to force Professor James Tracy, Ph.D. out at FAU today. The late Professor Kerr (1911-2003) was a giant intellectual and always placed the interests of students above all other selfish considerations. He was denied his impending appointment as Department of Health and Education and Welfare Secretary in the Johnson Administration as a consequence of the small minded political infighting very similar to what has happened to Professor Tracy today some nearly 60 years later across the country in Florida. I received an A.B. degree in physics from UC Berkeley in 1961, M.S. degree in physics, California State University at Los Angeles, 1962 and Ph.D. degree in physics, UC Riverside, 1966. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., physics

    1. I was born at Cleveland, Ohio 1939 but raised in California from 1940. I entered UC Berkeley as a Junior in 1959 majoring in physics. I went in and out of LeConte Hall, the physics building, every day but remained ignorant of how its name originated for many years. I doubt if most of the professors knew the history either. The University of California was founded nearly 150 years ago in 1868. Its first President was a distinguished physicist John LeConte, M.D. from all the way across the country in Georgia. He had been raised on a Plantation near Savannah where his Father had a magnificent botanical garden known world wide. John and his younger brother Joe, a distinguished geologist, lost everything in the Civil War. John traveled to Berkeley by boat all the way around South America while Joe traveled there on the newly formed Transcontinental Railroad. Both began a new life on the other side of the country. All this and more is documented here: “From Physician to Physicist: The Scientific Career of John LeConte, M.D., 1818-1891” by John Samuel LuPold, Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of History, University of South Carolina, 1970. There are buildings and streets named for these intellectual giants in Athens, Georgia and Columbia South Carolina. John LeConte is considered the “Father” of the University of California.

  2. Dr. Tracy, if you’ve been following Qanon at all, you are probably well aware that the fake-news media are just as much a part of the Deep State as the boys at the three-letter agencies and the swamp-politicians in DC. The fact that they are treating you so unprofessionally is therefore a great compliment. You are on the Right Side. And they are on the other side. I realize that this probably won’t heal you of all the stress you’re undoubtedly going through, but the fact remains that it’s true.

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